Ria speaks about why she feels called to work with women and how come women are programmed to put themselves on the second place.
Ria explains why it is a myth to think that women are unique in their struggles, and why it is difficult to create a breakthrough by your own. 
Ria speaks about the new and feminine meaning of success and the importance of knowing what your calling is.

"Many talented and creative women that feel blocked to succeed
are just lacking tools, insights and support". 
-- Ria van Doorn

Ria is committed to help women weave their unique calling into a thriving business, so that they can impact the world with their gifts and earn a great income doing what they love.

Ria van Doorn is the founder and creator of Feminine Success, a Coaching and Training company that supports Women Entrepreneurs. 

Ria has been teaching transformational, life–changing programs for more than 20 years. Her Super Power lies in getting women out of isolation and welcome them into a tribe, so that they can build their business alongside likeminded women entrepreneurs, who are supporting each other in all aspects of building a business.
Through her work, Ria helps create awareness for all women, in a way that individual insights and intentions become lasting change for the collective consciousness. , which makes profitable business-change - based on feminine values - feel like an easy thing to do.

In her spare time, Ria really enjoys swimming and paddling in the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal, even in winter time.

"Ria has the talent and experience to unlock a persons strengths, as well as the ability to help take back control of any fear that is holding you back to expand your business.  Her coaching gave me so much fresh insight and energy. I can certainly recommend Ria's programs to anyone who wants to make a positive change and grow their business."

Interior Designer

"Ria has this gift - to approach everything in an easy way, so it doesn't feel overwhelming, and makes change feel like an easy process, where you don't have to work hours and hours to see progress. Thank you for this transformational course". 

Financial Advisor

“Ria knows how to name what drives women - and also what holds them back to thrive. During the course I did with Ria, I suddenly recognised how I sabotage myself and the expansion of my business, and in that 'Aha moment' I got the insight how to redirect my focus.”

Hosting Holiday Homes

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