Create Success with Ria van Doorn
The Feminine Way

You launched your business on passion and the spark of an idea and in the beginning that was enough. But now, you’re a few paces down the road, and it’s not enough. You’ve got so much to do, but you don’t have the bandwidth to do it all. It’s overwhelming. And worse, you feel all alone. You have to make all the decisions, take care of the clients and somehow keep yourself upbeat and happy. You wonder how to do that all. Is there enough energy in the day to get things done? 

And that’s exactly how I felt until I chose a mentor who helped me turn things around. Together with that, I found a tribe of like-minded women, women who had my back! 
I now help holistic therapists, consultants and coaches make real money, get out of their own way and blow their minds with what they’re capable of.

I know how much work is involved in growing a business. How easy it is to feel triggered or insecure. I also know how to break the cycle. And that’s why I can help you, so that you don’t have to go through the struggle, pain and isolation of building your business on your own. It’s so much easier, and it’s also fun, when you have support!

Let’s get you more clients, without stress! I’ll help you step into your own power, and grow your business the feminine way, without aggressive tactics or pushy marketing. We’ll build with collaboration instead of competition, from empowerment instead of power over, and from generosity instead of scarcity. 

To succeed in your business you will need to get your foundations right, you will need to do some Inner Work and you will need More Clients. 
Let's get you some!

Work with me

Are you struggling to get clients? Are you working really hard but not getting the results you want? Is your work & personal life out of balance? Do you feel overwhelmed by your to do list? If you've answered yes to any of the above, I can help!

Join our Tribe 

If you feel isolated in building your business, I invite you to join my Feminine Success Facebook Community. In this group, you'll work on your individual goals alongside like minded women entrepreneurs who are standing for your dreams, as you stand for theirs. Surround yourself with women who lift you up and join my FREE Feminine Success Learning Community.

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